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Reviews from Angie’s List

“They estimated 3 days and were done, including cleanup in 2 1/2 days. Included full-length ridge vent (not evident from the ground) to replace 2 turbine ventilators. Note that city permit cost was not included in the initial estimate.”

“The owner himself came out, fixed my roof, and cleaned my gutters.

He was very nice, and very professional. During the heavy rains we had, my downspout got clogged. The owner came out again this morning, and cleaned it out immediately! He is very pleasant to work with!”

Review from Joelle B. on Yelp

“I have used this roofing company three different times for my roof and my gutters. I have been very impressed with the quality of the work as well as the promptness of it getting done. The owner, Vashek, is both professional and conscientious.”

Review from Lily M. on Yelp

“Vashek re-did my roof last year and did a phenomenal job.  Him and his wife are excellent communicators.  They respond right away to inquiries.  Even when I email them at night, they respond within an hour.  The job was done very quickly. The noise level was so minimal that even my neighbors did not notice until after looking at my roof that I had my entire roof re-done! Vashek is very professional and courteous.”